Grant Station or Grant Connect?

  • Shared a newsletter highlighting a discount on TechSoup for Grant Station
I looked at this the last time the discount was offered – has anyone used this to any sort of success?


Hi Folks! 

We actually go to the Ottawa public library to use their connection to Grant Connect. 
Which is owned by Imagine Canada, which essentially the overarching union of Canadian Charities. 

Their database is almost exclusively Canadian granters. 
But is VERY expensive. 

We suggest going through your local libraries to see if they have it! 
Or let me know some search criteria and I’ll take a look. 

I believe that Grant Station is American owned, and has a lot of US Foundations. 
The problem many of you will face is that 1) You are not a charity, this will rule out nearly all of the foundations, very rarely do foundations donate to non-profits not exclusively charities. 

2) You’re outside of the US. 
I’ve not taken a look at Grant Station but I was told reliably that Grant Connect has many more Canadian. 
The other thing to consider is that these databases often also list corporate giving. For example, RBC has corporate giving but restricts it to Charities (last I checked). 
If someone has used Grant Station let me know. 
If you want something searched on Grant Connect let me know. 
ps! On the Members Only site, I try to keep an excel sheet with grants that you ‘are’ eligible for as up to date as possible. 


This certainly sounds interesting… any other potential sources of income are a good thing for the sector to try and pursue. 
As a somewhat related aside – I notice the original email came from TechSoup. I had enquired with TechSoup in the past about availing of their services, but was told that although CJNU is a not for profit, because we’re incorporated as a cooperative, we would not be eligible. I wonder if this would also preclude us from GrantStation? 
Always curious to learn more!

After a conversation with Ottawa volunteers and staff we were informed that you can access grant connect via the Ottawa Library online sign in form.