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Local News Initiative – Announced Funding Available

Hello Members After almost 2 years of working with the Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada, l’Association des radiodiffuseurs communautaires du QuĂ©bec and the Community Radio Fund of Canada we are thrilled to announce a new funding opportunity to assist stations who are in “news deserts” the opportunity to hire a local reporter. Please see the attached application […]

New – Monthly Board of Directors Training (Oct 2019)

Hello Members We have launched our monthly Board of Directors Training.  Details are below, but we encourage your station to require their board of directors to complete this training, every month before their board meeting.  This will help to provide a baseline set of knowledge and best practice for our sector and hopefully help facilitate […]

!eDDS Phase 3 – Live

Hello Everyone Patrick here from the NCRA/ANREC, your friendly !earshot Digital Distribution System project coordinator. This is the new system that is in place to remove the necessity for physical CDs and poorly formatted emails, allowing for national distribution of content online in one giant online database and archive. Back at the end of August […]

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