Committees & Terms of Reference

Last Update: Sept. 5th, 2023

The NCRA/ANREC has a variety of committees which members have the opportunity to join!

This email is a call-out to share information about those committees and to ask our member stations to share this with their board, staff and volunteers to see if anyone within the sector is interested in joining and assisting.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the sector, get some experience before joining the board of directors or, in many cases, give us the much-needed capacity to further that specific committee mandated goals. 

If you are interested in a committee, feel free to email me ( and I will be happy to answer any questions or to put you in touch with the committee chair.

Join a Committee HERE

Committee open to members:

Committee About Chair (Members) Work Load
Policy and Governance Committee(Internal Policy) To review and develop NCRA governance, policy and procedure documents with the goal of fulfilling the organization’s mandate and Statement of Principles through means that are lawful, transparent, accountable, equitable and achievable.Frequent meetings, Monthly or Bi-weekly with focus on design and discussion. Appointed by the committee (BOD Member) High
External Policy (Regulatory) The purpose of the External Policy Committee is to act as the NCRA Regulatory Affairs department: writing Submissions to the CRTC for individual stations and for matters that affect the sector as a whole;  It also coordinates research and wider member consultation on these issues. Its work is guided by member feedback, relevant ad-­‐hoc committees, input from relevant Advisory Board members, the NCRA Board, and the Executive Director. Appointed by the committee (BOD Member) High
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting online, working through mostly email, a group of technically inclined individuals to assist in coordinating association-wide tech projects so solutions to major tech problems are solved. Executive Director Low
Equity Committee Meets to address the issues of equity in our sector along with our mandate and spirit of our bylaws. Equity Officer (BOD) Medium
Conference Committee A committee which includes past, current and upcoming conference hosts to make sure that the NCRC is completed correctly under the conference “handbook”, and meets the motions and bylaws in place Executive Director High
Climate Committee If you would like to be part of changes like their “Environmental Sustainability Policy”. Come together to brainstorm and discuss realistic changes for a more sustainable radio station such as sharing what great work some stations are already doing. Appointed by the committee  Low
Nominations Committee Coordinates and reaches out to candidates to join the board of directors for the AGM and if needed, they organize by-elections.  Appointed by the committee  Low

Other active committees that are not open to members: 

Finance & Fundraising Maintains the financial security of the Association, Looking for a new auditor (if directed by membership) and setting the budget for the next year. Heavy workload early in the year. Finance background not necessary but preferred. Meets approximately 6 times a year, mostly in Jan-June. Treasurer Mandatory. NOT OPEN TO MEMBERS Treasurer Medium
HR Deals with all things HR related, as per the HR policy. NOT OPEN TO MEMBERS HR Officer (BOD) Low

Time Commitment:

Committee work could be as little as 1-2 hours a year, but could also be intense during times of heavy workload.  A general average is 2-4 hours a month.


Please apply here via google docs, or email with the notice “Committee Application”.  You can also contact if you wish to coordinate with a specific chair, so to learn more information about the committee before you apply.

Terms of Reference Documents: (If a TOR seems dated, try the site above for a newer version or contact

External Policy Committee

Finance and Fundraising Committee

Policy and Governance Committee

Conferences Committee

Human Resources Committee

Equity Committee

Indigenous Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

Climate Committee