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Date  January 26 2016

To: NCRA Members

NCRA Membership Fee – 2016 new fee collection starting April 2016


Hello Members

We understand that there is a lot of work that goes into submitting your returns each year.  Financially, you need to do it for the CRTC, the NCRA and your own AGM/Fiscal Year.  In an effort to reduce the workload for stations , the NCRA has piloted a new system to use the CRTC Return numbers to consolidate a new submission process for annual fees.

In the past, stations have been asked for submit their most recent audited annual fiscal statement to the NCRA in order to assess the membership fee. .  These dates vary from every station and do not align with the NCRA fiscal year.  It makes for complex situations where stations are unsure if they paid, unsure what they owe and if they are in good standing or not.

In addition, the information we collect is often redundant, time consuming and a burden on our members to fill out. We have heard from many of our members, that people are looking for a simpler solution.

Note: This is NOT a change in percentage of funds owed by members, it is a change in the method to make it easier on stations to submit their dues.  All stations remain at 0.75% of their total income, with maximum of $2000 and minimum of $100 each year.


The NCRA Board of directors has approved the following for all AM and FM CRTC stations who submit annual returns. The simple process will be as follows:

1) CRTC Licensed stations will submit a copy of their annual return information to the NCRA at the same time as the CRTC (This year, November 28 2015). (Form 1110, or all forms as submitted to the CRTC)

2) NCRA will keep said information private and confidential in compliance with provincial and federal law, as we always do with the information you submit to us.

3) NCRA will invoice stations in March of each year, using the information submitted to the CRTC to calculate the membership fee for the coming year. (The NCRA Membership year runs April 1 to March 30)

4) Stations will remit their fees and submit responses to any specific questions that may be asked for that year (i.e., NOT the same questions you have been asked over and over again).

5) As before, stations who have paid their fees in advance of the AGM/NCRC, will be able to participate in Voting. Additionally, stations who have submitted their fees will be able to participate in other NCRA-based projects like National Advertising, Micro granting etc.


Important Note: All stations that are not licensed through the CRTC or who do not submit to the CRTC return will keep the same process as before, their returns will be due by submitting a shortened annual return, with a copy of their finances to the office.  The organization can submit their most recent audited financial statement and the NCRA office will calculate the pay for them, and submit an invoice.

The goal of the whole process here is to make things a lot quicker and easier. The NCRA can now plan with a much stronger degree of certainty its annual revenues and income, and member stations will know almost 6 months in advance of their next membership due, what that will cost.

The Board of Directors (Jan 2016) has also empowered its Fundraising and Finance Committee to address any concerns about fees, waivers or reductions.  If a station is in exceptional circumstances and unable to meet its fee requirements, you may at any time approach the Fundraising and Finance committee through the Executive Director to ask for consideration of a) relief or b) an exemption.

In addition, the following timeline applies for stations who are not in good standing:

NCRC – Stations that have paid a deposit, full amount, or contacted the Executive Director and discussed situations and a plan of action will be considered in good standing to vote at the AGM.

For members not in good standing:

1)     Year 2 – August. Stations who are 18 months behind will have their access revoked to our members section, restricting them from our living documents and other online services, and will no longer qualify for NCRA based grant funding.  (I.e. if you owe for April 1 2014-March 31 2015, you will not be in good standing as of August 2015)

2)      Year 3 – August. Stations who are now 30 months behind will have their access to member listservs removed, will have their name on our website listed as “suspended”.

3)      Year 5 – April 1. Stations will be officially removed from the membership.


If you have comments, please reply to

We have 20 stations that have submitted their CRTC 1110 form to the NCRA as a trial run, and we are now asking for all those who have not submitted to do so.  You should keep all of your financial documentations you submit to the CRTC as well, so that if there is change over or issues you have your own documented data.  We will assist in doing this by acting as a backup. Please send your 1110 form from the last CRTC (in any format), and/or include additional forms you submitted.

-Annual memberships run from April 1st to March 31st the following year.
-CRTC Licensed stations are to submit to the NCRA a copy of their financial forms (Specifically 1110) as required during the annual CRTC Returns period at the end of November each year.
-CRTC Licensed stations will have annual invoices submitted to them within 30 days of the start of April.
-Members must be in good standing (Paid for the current year, or paid a deposit) in order to Vote. AGM is typically the 2nd week in June.
-Non CRTC Licensed stations are asked to submit their most recent annual audited statements along with the compelted NCRA forms by July 1st each year.
-Members who do not plan to participate in the AGM are asked to submit there fees on July 1st of each year.

0.75% of total revenue (Including restricted and unrestricted grants).
-Calculated CRTC Licensed Stations: Total Revenue submitted to CRTC on form 1110 during the annual return (Which is to be submitted at the same time to the NCRA)
-Calculated non CRTC Licensed Stations: Total revenue earned on the stations latest approved audited statements (ie if your year end is August 31st, you would be calculating 2015-2016 fees on your 2014 year end)

Maximum of $2000, Minimum of $100

Waivers / Request for Relief:

If you are unable to pay your dues by that date, you have three options:
1. Request an extension with reasoning (via the Executive Director)
2. Work out a payment plan (via the Executive Director)
3. Ask the board to waive your dues either in part, or in full (Via the Finance and Fundraising Committee thru the Executive Director)

Contact the ED for more information if you are challenged by your fee, in advance of payment deadlines so that your membership remains in good standing.