Historic Board Elected at NCRA/ANREC

The NCRA/ANREC members in an incredible 1.5 hour AGM, (Yes! only 1.5 hours!) elected a truly historic Board of Directors. We are thrilled to be working with some returning Director’s who can offer leadership and guidance and excited to welcome on an additional 7 new Directors! The NCRA/ANREC membership has elected their first Board with no men!

Here are your 2017 Board of Directors:
Tseten Drawu (CKXU)
Francella Fiallos (CKDU)
Catherine Fisher (CJLY)
Olivia Golosky (CJSW)
Ophira Horwitz (CILU)
Victoria King (CKUW)
Caroline Lucas (Radio Laurier)
Katie Sage (CFUV)
Tara Landsley-Sutherland (CJSF)
Melanie Zaitsoff (CJSR)