Compliance Monthly

Below you will find the monthly reports of our “Compliance Monthly” emails started in July of 2015.

It is a new “game” to help stations, staff and volunteers think about the things that are best practice for your organisation.  Each first week of the month I will submit a question for you to review at your station and answer back to me.  This could be about programming, corporation information, CRTC requirements, etc. and will vary from month to month.

I encourage everyone to participate by filling out the form found in the monthly e-mails sent out to members.  Complete the form and you will get entered into a draw to win a prize. Prizes will be announced each month.  If you submit additional information, i.e. your documentation that proves you are compliant (ie policy, a photo etc), you will get an additional opportunity to win.  At the end of the year, we will hold a big draw for something fun and fancy at the NCRC.

Here are the findings:
November – Volunteers