What is your definition of local?

This is Peter Benner (dj peanut butter) from CHCR Homegrown Community
Radio in Killaloe, ON.

I am pondering the definition of local music when it comes to geography.

At present our station is defining local as being an hour or so away
from Killaloe. To the north we have the city of Pembroke. To  the
northeast an hour away we have the town of Renfrew. To the west we have
the town of Bancroft as another boundary.
We make exceptions if the music is from the Ottawa Valley, though do not
usually include productions from Ottawa, which is two hours away.

Are there any standards or  references that other stations draw upon to
make the local "call" ?

Local for us is Saskatchewan.

This comes into weird play for us too as a border city - we are technically located in Windsor, Ontario but also broadcast into the Detroit area.
For "local" submissions to our library, my understanding has been if the artist is living within our broadcast range -or- often plays shows in our broadcast area we'll include them as local. There are also a good handful of shows and artists that are out in the county (outside of our physical range) but depending on how far out we'll count them local as well - especially because a lot of these artists fall within the folk genre - we don't get too many submissions like this from the immediate Windsor area. The more local CDs we have in library the better but I understand having a limit point. I feel like anything outside of a 2 hour driving range for us (in the Detroit/Michigan area) is the limit. 

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