Volunteer Engagement Crossover

We recently thanked our incredible Judges at the National Community Radio Awards. We know that the work of the awards would be impossible without the support of volunteers. This highlighted to us the importance of thanking and engaging your vital sponsors, donors and volunteers. 
We wanted to pick your brains, how do you thank your volunteers? 

Some stations have told us that they do on-air thank you's! Other's host a thank you party but I'm sure that you have some great ideas. 

Here are  some online resources that we found:
1)  15 Creative Ways to Thank Donors
Would people be interested in being able to issue an official government recognized certificate? There's a program in Ontario that's about to roll out nation wide! See here: http://www.prebontario.ca/
There is a chance of this being piloted across Canada through our members! 
Let us know what you do for donors,  and if you think an official certificate would be a great way of thanking volunteers.

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