Tower Rental / Relocation

Hi everyone,

Would you be willing to share the cost of having your antennae on a tower or a building etc.?

Is there any other station that shares their antennae with another radio station and if you do what do you charge them for this?

Thanks so much.

this is a good question - further, does anyone out there share space on a CBC tower or antenna?  If so, what are they charging you - feel free to message me privately if you would like!

Our Internet provider here on the reserve, Robotnik Inc., graciously offered to put our antenna on top of their tower at no charge to us. We are not on the air yet. We anticipate our CRTC ruling on or about the first of April.

I think you will find everyone has a different deal. If you are going to allow someone else on your tower you will have to determine that the new signal won't interfere or conflict with yours. If you are considering sharing your antenna, you are going to need a rather expensive piece of gear called a combiner. You will need to figure out who will pay for that. You also may need to get an antenna that will handle the combined wattage unless your antenna is severely over-rated for your use.

We are lucky, part of our "battle" to get a frequency involved negotiations that lead to us being co-located and our transmitter being upgraded and the engineering brief redone ....for free. We pay a portion of the taxes on the tower and our own electric bill, (which are substantially higher than it would have been if we had kept our original lower power transmitter)

We were co-located in NewCap’s antenna for years. A few years back we negotiated ownership of the antenna (at no cost) when NewCap relocated to a new site.
We paid them about $15000/year for the co-location. As we plan to replace the now obsolete but still working antenna we see co-location as a possible revenue stream.
The co-location meant we had a null in our broadcast pattern.
I imagine the rent is different in each market and factors like power and elevation will impact that too.
I still think it is a great opportunity.

We co-locate with the CBC, and the rent started at 10,800 and increases about 3% annually, we're paying something just shy of 14k now.

They monitor the broadcast 24/7, notifying me if we are dead either on both left and right or on one side, and they maintain the equipment at the site. I have 24/7 access to the trailer that houses the equipment, and there's a generator on site as well in case of outages. Our costs are basically just that of a hardline internet connection to send our signal over through codec. All of this is to say that I think the price is worth it.
From what I understood of chatting with Chad Saunders, then from CJSW several years back, this is basically the turnkey deal they offer to non-profit co-location partners like us.
Conversely, Rogers had previously requested 30k/ann. for us to co-locate on on a separate site, and at yet another site, on campus, there is a telecom company that has reserved space to build a tower that they'd pay lease on to the university if they eventually built the tower, but under those circumstances, we would not be charged rent to co-locate.

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