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Hi Folks! 

It's a Friday, and we've seen some people on the main members list talking about doing campaigns on Patreon ( ) or Go Fund Me (

Do you have radio shows that have used these online tools? 

Do you think your radio stations would use these online tools during the funding drives? 

Let us know what you think, we're going to put the best ideas into a Wiki!

These two are really good, especially Patreon! but some other crowdfunding campaigns to also look at are Fundly and of course Indegogo
On the other hand, some of the shows we use from the program exchange are not associated with any community radio and are sustained by separate funding for our benefit (that is, we get content for free). I am thinking of W.I.N.G.S., Jazz Boulevard, and Modern Jazz Today specifically, there may be others. 
Maybe that funding model is the future, maybe it will only be an option for a few shows.
Maybe one of our jobs is to spawn shows that are popular enough to stand on their own. I have wondered if our place in the future is more of a production house that has a radio licence rather than just a radio station.
Hmmm...good thing it's Sunday...time to think.
I agree with Arbie it is a great idea to use Patreon to fundraise for your shows but it should always go towards the station as a whole. If volunteers start making money from their shows they are by definition not volunteers but employees or contractors which requires a written contract and is probably not worth it. 
CFUV has it in the Programming Policy that everyone has to read as part of their training that volunteers cannot score freebies and tickets for themselves and any such agreements need to go through the station staff.
The Victoria Ska & Reggae festival used Indiegogo for a one-time fundraiser and it went well but was a lot of work. Finding more ways for donors to give online is essential for our sector but I find one hurdle fs that a lot of the existing software and channels are made for charitable status organizations (Canadhelps, most text donation services). Seems like a long shot to change the CRA's mind granting charitable status to small and medium sized arts and culture non-profits. They're quick to tell you to find a bigger 'umbrella' organization. Which I know the NCRA has been looking into becoming, great idea if possible! 
Has anyone used text donating successfully? When I looked into it seemed that the services required you to have charitable status but I would suspect there are other options out there. 
I looked into text donating, and it seems like it is only available to charities. Didn’t see options for us lowly non-charity non-profits, which was frustrating.
Yeah, it's a shame. I wonder who we can lobby regarding these challenges? With the CRA tightening up the requirements for charitable status a lot of organizations haven't adjusted their policies to reflect this. Most Foundations for instance will not give to you unless you are a charitable organization, so you have to seek out umbrella organizations to do even that. 

Arbie you make some interesting points but due to my work with the Ska & Reggae Festival I'm very familiar with the legal definitions of employees and contractors. If someone is using your facilities to produce content then they are a contractor at least, if they're there regularly they would be considered an employee and your organization is responsible for a host of mandatory employment related costs and payroll taxes for them. 
I was on a panel a couple years ago about non-profits and human rights and the lawyer on the panel whose background was employment and non-profits also warned about not having a clear distinction and different duties between your paid staff and volunteers. 
If you have volunteers doing the exact same work as paid staff that volunteer can make a claim against your organization and collect back wages. There are a host of considerations of course, do they have a space in the office, do they have regular hours, etc. 
Something to keep in mind when writing up job descriptions for your staff and volunteers. 🙂 

Good talk! Next time I have a sit down with our local MP I'm going to bring some of these issues up. 

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