Microphone for Studio Request

With the NCRA/ANREC's office move, we are building a small podcast studio as part of our collective (part of being in the group here means we are trying to build the community in the building)
This means we need some assistance with Microphones.  We are hoping there is a suggestion for a good (not super good) broadcast quality mic (Not an SM58 for example) that would work well on a boom for a small studio. We would like to keep each mic to under $100.
Does anyone have any suggestions that they have found to be good?
We will document this discussion and put it into our WIKI also
Keep it simple, keep it cheap. Pick up something like these Behringer mics (like this 3-pac: https://www.amazon.ca/Behringer-XM1800S-Cardioid-Instrument-Microphones/dp/B000NJ2TIE/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=behringer+mic&qid=1552077807&s=gateway&sr=8-2) and have at 'er!
Probably good to invest in a pop filter and maybe even a mic cover, just to soften the sound a bit.
We use a bunch of these, and they work just fine.

I would agree with Behringer as a cheap but pretty good brand. Depending on what you plan to plug into I might go with the C-1 or C1u, just because condenser mics are generally more forgiving for people who don't have training in voice projection.

And generally a higher frequency response which can make it more versatile for instruments. Get a spider shock mount, the stock mount is crap, breaks easy.

They're both well beyond your price point of $100 or less,
but my favourite studio mics are (in order of preference):

-Shure SM 5B (unfortunately no longer manufactured but they
are great mics)
-Sennheiser MD421
-Shure SM 7B (with the switch on the back set to make it
sound close to a SM 5B sound)

Combined with a decent mic amplifier

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