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Hopefully the season of Spring is going well with you....here in Nova
Scotia...it just plain sucks!! More rain then sun!! I fully underatand
that others would love to have the rain...wish we could push it your

We're working on getting some mike flags, for both our studio mikes and
out and about ones in the community. Any ideas or suggestions would be

Oakwood Broadcast has them


Search for Mic Flags

You can get them either custom printed with your logo, or
order blank ones and then put a sticker on them.

For custom printed flags, they have a minimum number you
have to order (I think it is something like 20 or 25 mic
flags minimum if they are customized).  They list for $34,
but if you log in to the site I think they're a little

If going the sticker route, you can order single blank flags
and order stickers.  They can do up custom mic-flag sized
stickers with your logo for you, or you can go through a
local print shop or someplace like Vistaprint.

On the other hand, if you want to save a bunch of cash,
you're looking for blank mic flags, and you're willing to
wait for them to come from China, you can find mic flags on
ebay you can find them from $3 to $15 on ebay.  Of course
you never know what quality you're going to get, but if
they're cheap enough you might not care.  After all for the
cost of 10 uber-cheap ebay mic flags you can get 1 from

We got ours from - Audio Service Corp. https://www.miclogoflags.com/

They have a variety of options and can do branded windsocks and flags.
(Rebranding through VistaPrint is an excellent idea - we do that from time to time)

Great for social media branding - programmers and guest never miss a chance to take photos with them 🙂

All the best!

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