Indigenous Music and CRTC Classification – July 2018

Hello Members

A few weeks ago, Richard Petty from Paqtnkek asked a question about CRTC Categories and Indigenous music.  We have obtained clarification from the CRTC. Our contact at the CRTC has told us (unofficially) that previous monitoring reports have always classified Indigenous music as Category 3, usually in subcategory 32 (Folk and folk-oriented) or 33 (World beat and international).  Our contact said that any song by an Indigenous artist, singer, or songwriter would be classified as subcategory 32 or 33, regardless of whether the song is in English or French or an Indigenous language, or whether it’s vocal or instrumental. They want to support stations, and allow anyone who identifies as Indigenous to fit into one of those two categories.

However, if the song charts, then the Hits Policy applies, and the song becomes Category 2, and it cannot be considered Indigenous under Category 3.

If we as an sector wish to change the way this is handled by the CRTC, the best time to do so is during the Native Broadcasting Policy review (which is in the early stages of a long consultation process; more info to come when we have it), or during a review of the music categories (which won’t be happening for at least a few years, but we recently submitted a letter outlining some other recommended changes, and we can submit more recommendations in future when a review is announced).

Also, a friendly reminder that the CRTC requires you to update your board of directors list when they change, please make sure to complete it by logging in through your GCKey. We would suggest making this part of your annual calendar in order to make sure it is completed after each AGM.

Happy to field any questions or concerns.

Barry Rooke NCRA/ANREC Executive Director

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