Idea Thursday – Safety and Security at Stations.

This weeks Idea Thursday focuses on safety and security! Do you have a policy in place?  An emergency plan (OAB put one our a few years ago)?  a security system?
A station in Swan River, MB has been under threat, as reported by the CBC.
Does anyone have any comments or some policy or best practice they would be willing to share?  The NCRA/ANREC office had a break in a few years ago, stolen laptop and other electronics. We password encrypt our computers so the information remains safe.  Locked files for financials and other important things (Fireproof cabinet can be pretty expensive though)
Barry Rooke

Well this is a very timely question. We are in the process of developing all of these things.

We currently do not have a policy on safety and security.  We do encourage all hosts to lock the doors when they are in the station alone in the evenings.  We do have a security system on our doors.

We are as we speak, installing security camera in the halls and outside the building, so we have recordings of the comings and goings if we ever need them and so that our hosts can see who is coming to the door without having to go to the door.  The hosts currently cannot see the front door from the broadcast booth.

We have just purchased a locked, fireproof tabletop safe for any important documents and cash that might be in the station.

We are also moving to cloud storage for our files and music.

I have been directed to develop an Emergency Plan before the end of the year and I am very grateful for the information regarding OAB’s plan…it will be helpful for sure.

Thanks so much everyone.

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