Holiday Greetings From Political Parties

Hey all, I have a question for the messes. 
The leader of NB's Green Party (who's always been a CHSR supporter) is looking to run Holiday Greeting ads on our airwaves. 
CHSR's policy is "CHSR will not accept paid political announcements from any political party."
Do your stations run holiday greetings from provincial political parties?

We don't endorse any political parties at CJLO. We've run ads in the past for Elections Montreal but they were in no way advocating a specific party- just a simple "get out there and vote" message. 

Hope that helps! 

Yes we do….if they pay for them.

We accept ads from the sitting MP and MPP … wishing their constituents a Merry Christmas.. that kind of thing. 

We also accept paid political advertising with a ‘this is a paid political message brought to you by the xxxx party/riding association tag.  The rules for advertising before and after the writ drops differs.

And we frequently have agency advertising on getting out to vote. 

All candidates have the opportunity to be on our current events show once the writ drops, however outside of this show, hosts are not to make political comments.  These are not opportunities that can be paid for.

The station does not endorse any political party at any time.

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