Fundraising Software/Donor Tracking

I'm curious if any of you use a fundraising database or software, or have a
donor database? How do you all keep track of donors and their donations?

We use Google for non profits at CHLY (which is free to non-profits in Canada via Techsoup). Donor tracking is done via a spreadsheet system (along with membership tracking). I prefer this method because it’s very flexible and you can do data input via Google Sheets. All the information is there you need so long as you collect it, and spreadsheet functions allow you do set up totals for recurring donor levels, one-time donors, etc. 

Might not be fore everyone, but it’s super flexible, and knowing how to use spreadsheets is an invaluable skills.
Also, it’s a huge benefit that it’s in the cloud, and that you can work on this stuff from home. Multiple people can be given access allowing the work to be spread out.
CJSW is currently switching systems. 
In the past we have used a database called Giftworks, however it was clunky and slow for the capacity we were dealing with. 
Right now I am exploring CommitChange which is an integrated system that includes e-commerce, donor relations, and event coordination. 
This is likely the system we will be rolling out for the 2017 Funding Drive at the end of October. 
That looks great, I like how it has an integrated e-commerce/gift function, which is often missing from other non-profit donation systems. 

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