Exploring more national sales opportunities

Sales at the national level have been down this year, mostly due to a single granting body who did not buy ads so far.
I'm interested in exploring new ways to boost this. One of the major issues is the time it takes to outreach for sales opportunities. The NCRA/ANREC office just does not have the time and capacity to be doing outbound sales in its current setup, nor are we salespeople.
I want to ask that stations provide some feedback or ideas
1) Part-time sales rep.
Do you think a part-time rep for 5-10 hours/week would make a big difference?
2) Our current system is set up so one spot is $15 for non-profit or $35 for a commercial advertisement. Are these still good? Would you be willing to take less if it meant we were able to bring in someone on commission but keep the $15/spot rate?
3) Our referral program gives any station 10% of a sale for national ads. Does this work? So far no stations have brought us national (or regional) sales.
4) If you have salespeople on commission, can you share the hourly (if any) rate and the percentage or other details with us so we can decide if it's feasible to hire someone under question 1
Finally, our PSA network is running and has a free and honourarium system but it's also lead to an ad sale.  PSA.ncra.ca. If anyone has a PSA to share or groups to send this way, our referral program is also in place for PSA that give an honourarium in exchange for the projected listener numbers.  Happy to take feedback on that as well
Please reply direct, or if you wish for the rest of the list to see the reply, reply to all.
Thanks for the email.
1. I support the idea of hiring a part time sale rep. It is hard to speculate how much of a difference it will make but at 5-10 weeks, it will not be a huge cost. I'd recommend a contract position and evaluate after a certain amount of time how beneficial the position is, if 5-10 hours a week is sufficient, etc.
2. The current spot pricing looks good to me. CILU would be willing to take less to bring in a sales rep on commission as long as produced ads are still made available.
3. The NCRA's referral program looks good to me. CILU would like to take advantage in the future when we have more staff hours available for sales.
4. N/A

Thanks to the NCRA for doing all that it does to assist us. They rock!

These are my personal responses and don't reflect the collective will of
the CHCR BOD as I haven't brought the topic up to my fellow board

The 10% referral fee to stations landing ads is a great idea. Will keep
our eyes open, though we're a very small station and are consistently
busy producing and staying on the air. There is a possibility we will
apply for Radiometres next year and fund  a staff person if successful.

A part time sales rep might work, particularly if they are uber savvy
online and can make the opportunities much more visible to prospective
clients. One suggestion is to increase PSA price to $20.00 and
sponsorship/commercial rate to $40.00 from $35.00
That increase could go to the rep along with other financial incentives
for them through a grant?

Taking less per spot? Not sure about that. We would have to discuss as a

We do not currently have anyone on commission tot make sposnorship

Thank you and the staff for the great and important you all do for the Association.

I agree with Tiina.
Further, Durham Flavour does not have any staff to support the position. We will, be keeping our eyes and ears open for opportunities for national, regional and/or provincial campaigns.
Looking forward to the decision.
1. I support the idea of hiring a part time sale rep.
2. The current spot pricing looks good to me, and since we would probably only air non-profit psa's at $15, there is no effect on me if you lower the $35 ads price.
3. The NCRA's referral program looks good to me, and I'm figuring out how to take advantage of it!
4. N/A; Although if you are interested to see the formulas for face to face fundraisers (monthly donor sales)  signing up monthly donors without commission based pay (which was something I successfully campaigned for) let me know.
Hi, Barry - At CFBX Kamloops, we do a limited amount of conventional advertising (30-second spots) and tend to focus more upon lower-cost and less-intrusive local sponsorships. Feedback from area listeners clearly indicates that advertising is not something they like or expect from us, but I still appreciate the nationals that we have received from the NCRA and will continue to air them. We generate about $5000 per year from all advertising, including sponsorships and nationals, and I would not want to give that up.
To your points:
1) I would support the idea of a dedicated part-time national sales rep
2) All our spots, local and national, are $15 each, and program sponsorships are $40 per month, flat rate. A pure PSA runs at no charge, and a non-profit that wants to buy a specific campaign is still charged but receives two spots for the price of one. As a result, lowering the $35 commercial rate would be fine for us
3) The referral program looks good
4) We do not have a commission salesperson, but I would think that a person who is producing in this position should easily earn 15-20% of sales

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