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Does anyone have examples of campus / community radio produced by youth / kids?  Peach City Radio - CFUZ is conducting a professional development workshop for public school teachers in our area and we would love to be able to showcase examples of kids and youth on the radio.  If you could share examples to list here that would be wonderful.
CFUZ is also doing a project this year with a small group of elementary students.  We did a similar project 5 years ago which is archived here.  At the end of that project we connected with kids in a summer radio camp at CJSF -- the kids interviewed each other about their radio experience; it was pretty cool.  If your station is involved in youth programming and would like to connect, please drop me a line.

Apparently the CBC out of Toronto had something with kids on air. I’ll be looking into it due to our CRFC project here in Nanaimo.

This is a great time to mention to everyone we will be doing a national broadcast again in November for #KidsTakeoverDay!

Last year CJRU 1280AM in Toronto coordinated Radio Change the World to put 12 hours of kids voices on radio stations representing all regions of Canada.
We need your help to do it again this year. If your station wants to get involved, just email me!
Here at CKUT we have a bi-weekly show called Anything Goes that is produced by kids:
In addition to this, we have a long-running Radio Summer Camp program, consisting of weekly sessions where groups of kids or teens get trained to produce radio, and conclude their workshop with an hour live on the air.

We have never had a youth show but we are currently in talks with our local Girls Rock Camp to make a show. We do summer workshops with the public library program to create station ID's and PSA's.

we did some stuff with the University kids camps many moons ago, but not for a long time, mostly because of the logistical politics of dealing with the U of M.
CKUW does some really amazing things with their Radio Camp each summer and in my mind has set the bar for what radio run by kids can be!  It's phenomenal...

Thank you to everyone who has responded!  I'm looking forward to diving into the links and checking out the great things people are doing at their stations.

CFCR has a weekly program created by a Grade 9 class at a local high school. It’s called Collective Voice, and it’s actually a curriculum class at Aden Bowman Collegiate that started about 7-8 years ago. If you’d like more info, I could forward you to the teacher/organizer of the program.

CICK in Smithers BC has a few examples:

Lightning Guitar Monsters is one of our longer running programs (6 yrs
and over 200 shows) where the youth and his brother started at age 6
and 4.

We recently started working with the high school drama class to perform
radio drama skits for our live radio theatre show.  We also work with
the English class to write skits for radio. You can find examples on
"Radio Theatre Experiment" in the sched.

A few years ago we worked with a middle school who "took over the
airwaves" for about 6 hours of programming.  It was great, but due to
the work required by the teachers, we haven't seen it again.

Hey!  I've got tons of magical stuff recorded - I ran CFRU's Mobile Studio out of an elementary school teaching radio to grade 3-6 last year for most of the year - some of the episodes are posted at cfrumobile.com but I have some newer episodes that aren't posted yet, with the studetns interviewing our Mayor, our Green Party MPP Mike Schreiner, a local Hurdy Gurdy player - some really good stuff.  They came up with all their own questions, did all their own recording/editing and hosting.  Pretty rad.  Not sure exactly what you're looking for but I have quite a lot!

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to this thread.  There are so many great examples of CC youth radio -- I have a lot of listening and learning to do!


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