Contra/trade – charging of tax?

How do folks across our sector handle their bookkeeping with regards to contra or trade agreements, specifically with regards to the charging of tax?
We charge GST on all paid advertising; but we’re hearing some very mixed answers from a variety of sources as to how they deal with contra, and whether it is or isn’t taxable. It also seems to vary widely regarding invoices that involve some cash being paid in addition to some trade.
I’ve certainly seen at some commercial stations policies that outline exchanging invoices for the GST value.
We often deal with organisations that want to offer us some kind of media recognition with a set ‘value’ in return for some promotion... but we’ve never received any kind of invoice.
What about offering people radio packages that have a certain ‘value’, but charging a heavily discounted rate? Or ‘donating’ services, with a ‘donation’ in return?
Would really love to know how everyone deals with this; if there’s any clear advice out there from CRA (I cant find any!!); and if there is industry best practice.

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