Art as a Fundraiser

Hello, Fundraising Folks!!!

Did you know that the office here at the NCRA/ANREC has been under siege from a giant spider and dragon!

20429909_10159122346120187_8774261388628369035_n.jpgWe bring this up because Ottawa played host to La Machine, an incredible piece of public art, being followed by a live orchestral band! Now, we’re not suggesting you bring out robots the size of a house for your next fundraiser, but rather take a look at the great success of this public art initiative!
Public art events have a strong history of success, another example is Nuit Blanche which happens in a few major cities across Canada. Galleries and public spaces play host to innovative, and often interactive art, coupled with good music, and of course, wine.

Last week Charity Village also posted a list of their top ideas for art based fundraiser (see here)

But we wanted to share our thoughts, and start a conversation, what art based fundraisers have you tried?

Barry told the office a great idea of doing a LIVE Pacman! Where students (or the public) would dress as Pacman and chase white balls with the names of songs or an artist while others chased you trying to catch you as ghosts! You could update the idea with QR Codes linked to local artist music downloads! Just make sure you set the rules for where you can and can’t go.

Barry also shared with us a story that while at CFRU-FM hosted a late-night silent dance party at the Guelph Jazz Festival! We’ve seen silent festivals or events become very popular at summer festivals in urban areas! It helps keep the noise down and dodge the sound bylaws!

Juanita has suggested hosting a listening party! Bringing together musicians and art for sale in locations in your city!

Cafe’s often have art put up in their spaces for sale, what about having some around your station as a way to connect?

What art based events have you hosted? Let us know

This email comes at a serendipitous time, for the past couple weeks I have been planning an art fundraiser for CHSR in the fall where CHSR members will create the art and have a showing/silent auction type event downtown. I'm treating this as a bonding exercise for our membership as well as I plan to have group evenings where we get together and create art at different times before the event. Like a "sip and paint", but without the alcohol.
If someone has had success hosting an event like this I would love to hear about it!
One of our programmers who also happens to be an artist organized an art gala at the station during spring fund drive. She got a lot of art, mostly paintings, a few other pieces. In some cases, they were donated and in some cases we split with the artist. We had a local group play at the gala and provided pizza and coffee and tea. And the art show was promoted on air for a month. We were pretty packed.
In the end, we netted over $500 on sales of a bit over $800. With the added bonus of really improving our drab walls. Most of the artists were enthused that we want to do this again, many have left the art in anticipation. I would like to see us promote the station as a permanent art space and do the galas 3 or 4 times per year

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