ReStart Initiative

Campus and Community Radio Supports Local Businesses

We have asked our radio stations to provide either grants, or steep discounts to help boost local businesses as they are looking to re-open following the COVID-19 lock-downs. 

We have had 32 stations sign up so far, they have provided over $483,000 worth of advertising. Of that, $212,000+ is being offered as grants. Local businesses can apply and receive packages of free advertising. An additional $270,000 is being offered in steep discounts. We have stations signed up in BC, AB, MB, ON, PQ, NS, NL. We are working on expanding our network. 

The grants are being offered because as local non-profits, community radio knows the value and importance of local businesses, and want to do their part to help to reboot the local economies.  For the stations offering steep advertising discounts, the pricing for our sector is already far below the for-profit commercial sector and these discounts make them even more accessible. Community radio is a tax deductible expense. The money spent on our community stations supports the non-profit and raises awareness of that business in that community. 

For local businesses who may be operating in multiple locations we’ve been able to secure an additional 5-10% discount on top of the existing offers for those looking to promote across a wider area.  Contact for group buys. 

Please contact each station directly for the discounts and grants at that station.

CIVL-FM is offering up to $12,000+ in grants to support local businesses

CONTACT: Aaron Levy,

CFBX-FM is offering discounts valued up to $4,500on their 30-second ads.

CONTACT: Brant Zwicker,

CHLY-FM, the Voice of Nanaimo, is offering grants worth over $10,000 in addition to discounts worth another $10,000

CONTACT: Jesse Woodward,

CFIS-FM is offering up to $12,000 worth of advertising in discounts.



Vancouver Coop, is offering advertising grants worth over $10,000 and discounts worth another $10,000+

CONTACT: Debbie Roche,

CFUV-FM is offering a grant for free advertising, up to 150 30-second ads.


CKVS-FM is offering grants on up to 500 occasions of 30-second ads.

CONTACT: Jeanette Clement,

CJSW-FM are offering local businesses free show sponsorship and reduced ad rates.

CONTACT:Simon MacLeod,

UM-FM is offering a grant worth up to $40,000 with 2,000 30-second ads available, there are additional discounts available worth $50,000

CONTACT: Jared McKetiak,

CJLX-FM is offering a 2 for 1 discount on their summer package. Normally it's 125 (30sec) spots. Will double to 250.

CONTACT: Greg Schatzmann,

Canoe FM is offering discounts on their advertising worth up to $20,000

CONTACT: Roxanne Casey,

Blue Water Radio is offering significant discounts on a special package: 4 X 30 Second ads a Day X 6 Days a Week X 16 Weeks = 384 Ads For $1,000.00

CONTACT: Jack Serre,

CHRW-FM is offering grants to eligible businesses, of up to 51 occasions of 30-second ads.

CONTACT: Elijah Rae,

County FM is offering discounts on up to 600 ads (30-second ads)

CONTACT: Craig Mills,

CFBU-FM is offering a special deal where the purchase of 400 30-second ads will be doubled to 800, 400 additional ads for free.

CONTACT: Deborah Cartmer,

CJAI-FM is offering up to 1,000 30-second ads in their grant to support businesses

CONTACT: Eric Tremblay,

CKLU is offering a range of discounts, contact them for more details.

CONTACT: Rob Straughan,

CILU-FM in Thunder Bay, ON is offering up to $5,000 in grants which can be used towards full year sponsorships and advertising.

In addition, they are offering discounts on the ads, and other packages

CONTACT: Sean Madigan,

CIUT-FM is offering discounts on their advertising worth up to $15,000

CONTACT: Ken Stowar,

CJRU-AM is offering a grant of up to 700 30-second ads!

CONTACT: Elissa Matthews,

The Vibe 105 is offering grants to businsess worth $25,000 and additional discounts, view details here

CONTACT: Omari Parsons ,

CFBS-FM is offering grants with up to 800 30-second ads available

CONTACT: Janice Letemplier,

CJLO-AM is offering 30 Occasions of 30-second ads as a grant to eligible businesses.

CJLO-AM is offering additional discounts

CONTACT: Jessica Jaschek,

CKUT-FM is offering up to $48,000 in grant packages see details here


CJUJ-FM is offering discounts on their advertising, on up to 100 units.

CONTACT:Glen Ferguson,

CHMA-FM is offering a grant with up to 1,000 30-second ads available, in addition to discounts available.

CONTACT: James Anderson,

CINB-FM is offering grants for advertising worth up to $5,000 in addition to discounts on ads.

CONTACT: Matt Mabee,

Coastal Radio is offering discounts worth up to $30,000

CONTACT: Bill MacNeil ,

CKDU-FM is offering discounts on advertising for their station in the heart of Halifax


The Cove is offering the following discount:

10 packages at 50% off per month for 3 months. Each package is a 140 spots over 4 weeks.

CONTACT: Jamie Dominey,

BOIR is offering discounts on their advertising, worth over $5,000


The online station Durham Flavour (Durham, ON) is provide grants of advertising for up to 100 30-second ads.

CONTACT: Oliver Forbes,