The National Campus and Community Radio Association has teamed up with experts in podcasting and broadcasting from across the country to create an opportunity for advanced training for Canadians.

The Podcast School brings together decades of experience in creating, and curating high quality audio content. Our team of audio professors have been pushing the envelope of podcasting in Canada.

We are proud to be able to bring together experts from the sector to offer this 12 week course.

March 15th - Registration Opens
March 28th - Registration Closes
March 29th - Lesson 1 Podcasting: The Basics
March 31st - Lesson 2 “Before & After’
April 5th - Lesson 3 Sound Like A Pro
April 7th - Lesson 4 Creating an aim for your podcast
April 12th - Lesson 5 Ethics and Podcasting:
April 14th - Lesson 6 Getting over the Fear of Interviewing
April 19th -  Draft /  Pilot Submission Due (ALL)
April 21st - Lesson 7 What’s Your Story? Researching & Scripting Your Podcast
April 26th - Lesson 8 Creating an Energetic Narrative
April 28th - Lesson 9 Motivating a Content Creation Team
May 3rd - Lesson 10 Making Your Podcast Pop
May 5th - Lesson 11 Hey You – Listen To My Podcast! Marketing Your Podcast.
May 10th - Lesson 12 Making Money?
May 14th -  Certifications Provided.
They will all take place at this time:
6pm AST /  5pm EST / 3pm MST / 2pm PST





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Podcasting: The Basics. What defines a podcast? What kind of podcast can you make for your listeners? In this session, we’ll learn about the possibilities of the medium and give you questions to answer for your own show idea. We’ll introduce concepts like picking a show schedule and format, finding basic equipment and software, remote recording, and picking music.

“Before & After’ In this seminar, you will learn about the wide array of equipment available to home podcasters, what makes them different and what works best for you. Between microphones, audio editing software, interfaces, headphones and room insolation you will learn how these things work, and gain the ability to decide what works for you. Then, we will discuss some of the ways that you can get your completed show out into the world. Hosted by CHUO’s Phil Shirakawa.

‘Sound Like A Pro’ In this seminar you will learn how to get the most out of yourself and your recording equipment, to assist in making your show sound it’s best. From speech techniques, physical placement of announcer(s), microphones and recording spaces to professional editing techniques, you will be able to increase the technical quality of your show, making it easier for your listeners to enjoy. Hosted by CHUO’s Phil Shirakawa.

Creating an aim for your podcast is absolutely vital to the success of your show and you as a host. If you can’t spit out what your show is about in one or two sentences, you’ll forever be creating a long-winded and ever-changing answer to the question: “what is your podcast about?”
And making a trailer for your show is a fun (and lucrative) way to get the word out about your show! Perhaps you want to entice advertisers or a granting body to fund you? What better way to get them interested than letting them hear the show for themselves.Hosted by Pamela Haasen, CICK Smithers Community Radio.

Ethics and Podcasting: In this workshop, we will be unpacking the various ethical issues that arise in the process of making compelling audio stories. From crediting sound effects, to the use of music, to navigating sources, we will pull back the curtain and go through how certain decisions are made. By the end of the session, participants should start to approach audio storytelling with a refined critical eye and a stronger ethical compass. by Francella Fiallos

Getting over the fear of interviewing is a practical presentation with useful tips and resources to get yourself ready to talk to anyone. In this presentation, you’ll ask yourself how to be authentic, how to prepare for your interviews and what homework you can do in order to improvise when necessary. Hosted by Pamela Haasen, CICK Smithers Community Radio.

What’s Your Story? Researching & Scripting Your Podcast. Learn how to create a well-researched tightly scripted podcast episode. How do you conduct background research for your story? What makes for a good source? How do you extract the most important information from your interviewees? How do you structure your story? This class will tell you how to conduct airtight background research, carry out revealing interviews, and combine these with stellar writing techniques to script your podcast episodes.

Creating an Energetic Narrative: Do you ever get the feeling like you’re talking into the microphone but nobody is listening? As a podcaster, you have a golden opportunity to go beyond “just talking to yourself” and reach your listeners with an intimacy that keeps them hanging on to every word. In this course, you’ll learn how to share your voice with authenticity within a narrative-driven podcast. You’ll discover how you can structure your podcast in a way that is compelling to listeners – to host and drive the story forward in a non-linear manner. You’ll understand who your listeners are and what they want to hear. And more… Hosted by CJLY’s Anthony Sanna

Motivating a Content Creation Team. Whether you’re making and independent production or a show under a community radio station’s umbrella, having a team of producers can help keep your workload fun and manageable. We’ll learn about techniques to keep your team motivated, including creating structure, helping team members form lasting bonds, celebrating their work, pacing yourselves, and finding the right team messaging tools.

Making Your Podcast Pop is about taking your podcast to the next level. You will learn how to produce sound-rich short-form or long-form storytelling pieces that envelopes the listener in the journey as well as techniques to bring out the best in interview shows. It will also show you how to achieve all of your goals in a budget-friendly manner suitable to any station size. –  Hosted by Braden Alexander

Hey You – Listen To My Podcast! Marketing Your Podcast. You have created your podcast episode. But how do you get people to listen to it? How do you attract audiences and maintain those numbers? Do you need a website? What’s the best social media platform – Twitter? Instagram? Do you release on iTunes? Spotify? What works? What doesn’t? Is less more or should you be going all out in marketing? This class will tell you how to create your marketing strategies, what tactics to deploy, how to measure your marketing efforts, and how to create and leverage your web presence and social media to get audiences.
Making Money?
In this lesson Luke and Pam team up to discuss the challenges of copyright, as well as exploring the many different ways that podcasters could potentially raise funds in podcasting. This speaks to typical monetization, as well as more creative ideas that have had some success in the c/c sector.  Luke Smith & Pamela Haasen