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Please Select The Correct Calculator Based on Gross Operating Costs

Note that "gross operating costs" is not a defined term, but we suggest that it only needs to include actual operating costs related to your broadcast operations.  So if you have costs related to side projects that are not part of your broadcasting operations (e.g. radio camps for kids, recording services for local musicians, blogs, archiving projects, etc.) then we believe you can validly omit those from your report.  


Note: If you are primarily a french or non-english station (ie, licensed french or 3rd language stations). Different tariff percentages apply. Please contact the NCRA/ANREC for details. 

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Select the calculator that reflects the size of your station’s estimated gross operating costs for the upcoming year, as the rates charged differ based on this.

The Calculator Includes All Current Fees

Please Note:

We have also included the $100 Re:Sound fee, which is a flat rate for AM/FM broadcasting, and not based on gross operating costs. It is the same for all three calculators.

The Re:Sound Tariff 1.B.2 is also a flat rate for online streaming services, and not based on gross operating costs. A $25 fee applies to stations with a simulcast, and another $25 fee would apply to stations with another webcast. Therefore, a $50 would apply to stations with both a simulcast and another webcast.