39 Online: Acing your Engineering project

A presentation on how to ace an engineering project.



Browse/print the Broadcast Certificate (BC) for any station (the BC needs to be posted at transmitter site, and is handy reference for licence renewal)


Nautel RF Toolkit (free, but requires sign-up)


FCC Broadcast Page – numerous tools and calculators:


Canadian Association of Broadcast Consultants


That list of members has not been updated for a few years, please note:

  • Patrice Lemée, ing. passed away a few years ago
  • Pierre Labarre, P. Eng. is retired
  • Wolf Riesterer, P. Eng. is retired

CABC as a group has been pretty inactive for several years but have recently called a general meeting in early December.  I will be taking a more active role in the organization.  Currently I am the chairperson of the Safety Code 6 Subcommittee.

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