Working to promote local Nonprofits in Podcasting!

Did you catch this great article in Techsoup?
Podcasting for Nonprofits

They talk about how nonprofits can work to engage their audience in a new way through podcasting. And we thought there could be a great opportunity for stations to better engage with their communities.

Has your station teamed up with local nonprofits to share your studio space for them to create professional quality podcasts?

There may be an opportunity to reach a new audience or reach their volunteer base. There’s also a possibility for your station to better connect with your community by reaching more non-profits. Perhaps consider creating a weekly show or podcast where you spotlight a different non-profit, or common issue within the nonprofit sector in your community.

Some stations such as CJNU-FM already do great work similar to this and I’m sure will be keen to speak with you about how they’ve been working with charities in Winnipeg.

Let us know what you do and what you think might be a cool idea to bring nonprofits in your area into the world of radio and podcasting. Oh, and share your podcast links with us as we are launching our podcast network

ust following up with a question about this. Er at the risk of sounding ignorant, what would be the difference between a radio program and a podcast? We had a workshop here at CHMR last month with some CBC producers, and they were very adamant that podcasts and radio shows are the same thing. We have some programs that call themselves podcasts, but I think they just do that because they like the sound of it (for young people today 'podcast' seems synonymous with 'radio'). Functionally, I'm wondering because we have some new programs I was thinking of uploading to the NCRA program exchange, but I'm wondering whether I ought to wait and use them for the podcast network. How exactly will you distinguish whether a program ought to go to the radio exchange or to the podcast network? Anyway, just curious! Hope you're well! (and I'll get back to you tomorrow regarding the NCRA convention - we're working on it!)
Thanks and have a super day! 🙂

Within the world of Podcasting, there is an emerging distinct sound and feel. To get an idea take a listen to the Daily from the NYT and Canadaland.
Although there isn't a huge difference.

If you want to the programming to be broadcast on other stations, I suggest the Prog Ex, the Podcast Network was for the general public.

The terms are relatively interchangeable at this point.

Perhaps we can chat about it at the conference!

More than happy to have my brain picked (or what little there is left of it, anyway!)

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