Summer Camps!

A Question from the NCRA/ANREC

I hope this email finds you all well and in warm sunny spirits! 
With the lovely summer weather finally in full swing, summer day camps can't help but come to mind.  Summer camps offer a variety of options for kids and families from coast to coast to engage in community activities, enjoy the great outdoors, and find a new creative outlet of expression. I along with many others started my journey in campus and community radio through a summer program, it was at CJSR about 10 years ago... Shocking yet true fun fact.
I would not be surprised if more than half our members are preparing or have already launched their 2017 summer day camps. However, after a quick google search, I could only locate a handful of our member stations that are promoting their camps online. 
So, I cannot help but wonder... do you currently offer summer camps at your station? if not, why not? and if yes, how did you promote your 2017 summer camp program? 
Here is a really cool adult summer camp that I myself would've totally paid for! What are your thoughts on adult summer camps?
Looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts and actions on promotional content and marketing strategies. 
Special Shout out to members I could find on 'the google':

My name is Casandra and I am this year's radio camp's coordinator for CJLY, Kootenay Co-op Radio. We promoted our camp in the newspaper, on the screen of our local theatre, on our social media, by print in various locations downtown, at youth centres. On our website, the camp is promoted under "About Us" and on our main page.

The Nelson Area has a great offer of summer camps of various specialisations, we believe a certain hype is missing to the attraction of radio. The sound and musical aspect, however, is what seems to drive them on. Since CJLY hasn't hosted a summer camp since 2011, this year is the year where we are giving the chance to the formula again.

CJRU offered radio camp in past years with a subsidy for half the kids, paid through a sponsor. We didn't get that this year and chose not to run the camp and I've founded a number of the parents called and were disappointed. The most popular activity was probably making silly commercials and the sound effect workshop.

Because we were going after kids who needed a subsidy, I went through Children's Aid, Boys and Girls Clubs, other service groups etc...but we've also had the university post the camp for us and got a good response from employee parents.

I know I am not the only Mum who starts looking for summer camp right after March break my best advice is to post early and post often.

How serendipitous! We were just talking about setting up summer camps for next year, yesterday. The staff at CJLO has completely changed over the past year, so we're starting over from scratch with the exception of a few familiar faces and founding members. I can't speak for why we've never had a camp, but we're certainly planning to in the years to come. We're very lucky in that there are kids sports and day camps that run all summer on our campus, so we have great potential to collaborate with Concordia University on some neat initiatives! 

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