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For the last 5 years we've been telling our volunteers to do station IDs every 15 minutes.  It was our understanding that the requirement was at least 2 - top of the hour and at the half, but 4 was preferred.  Looking through documents, I can't find anything that states we need to do anything more than the legal id at the top of the hour.  Is this the case?  Jeanette

Licensed broadcasters are only required to do a complete station ID near or on the top of each hour.  The requirement is set out in an ISED regulation.  It's a best practice to also do a station ID at or near the bottom of each hour, and potentially also at the quarter hours, but only the top of the hour is required.  A complete station ID means: call letters, frequency, band (AM or FM), and name of market (i.e. the city you're broadcasting from).  So in your case, CKVS-FM 93.7FM Salmon Arm

When CIVL was in it's inaugural technical testing phase, we WERE required to play a station ID at 15 minute intervals until the period was completed, so that the IDs were frequently noticeable to anyone who had potential complaints or concerns with the new broadcast signal/service; long time programmers who were around during that time, despite multiple updates and reminders, still think the rule is every 15 minutes, while we currently only require 3 ID's per hour ideally at spaced out intervals. We schedule one jingle for the top of each hour during playlists, and it encompasses the complete station ID, but multiple other more casual stinger ID's will play per hour.

As others have stated, top of the hour is all that is
legally required.  However
it can't hurt to do more ID's - station recognition is an
important thing to keep listeners coming back! (and if you
happen to pay out the $ for the ratings book, station
recognition is important for any markets where they are
still doing surveys as opposed to PPM)

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