Self-Care: Taking a Sabbatical



We know that our members have highlighted stress, and burnout as an area of concern.

When we come across interesting pieces, and resources to help we will share them along!

We came across a piece in Charity Village looking at Sabbaticals. They are most common in academia but incredibly rare in community radio. What’s interesting is that sabbaticals which are extended time away from work can be good for the employer as the employees recharge and come back invigorated with new ideas!

We doubt that our members currently do sabbaticals but is this something that could be considered at your station?

Read the Charity Village article here

I had a conversation with Staff the other day regarding this, or at least a version of that with future staff potentially taking a leave of absence—be it to go on sabbatical, or be it to take on a temporary position with another organization, that staff person could gain experience at and bring back to the station upon completion.

We don’t have any sort of policy on this, and I’ll admit that I have a gap in my knowledge as far as how they work. Does any other station have a policy on taking a leave of absence?
Thanks for the article Luke!

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