Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

Post Update: 10/04/2017

Facebook has rolled out live video streaming in their desktop applications not just from mobile devices.

Initial Post: 15/03/2017

On Feb 2nd 2017 CJUM-FM asked the NCRA/ANREC email list about what rules etc stations had related to Live Video Streaming.
The following is a summary and quotations in part from the stations responses. We suggest that you also review  The Copyright Handbook



“Our history with streaming video has been erratic and mixed.  A couple years ago, we used Ustream to provide a video stream from our on-air booth. Volunteers had the option to turn the video on or off or to re position it, but listeners could always
use it to get on-air audio. When the video was turned off, it would have a static image (usually our logo). Some volunteers really liked it and it had pretty good listener engagement as it also had a chat function. At some point, the webcam died and it just wasn’t a top priority. It’s been down for a couple years now. With a newly launched website refresh recently completed, we have been toying with the idea of bringing the video stream back, this time with Twitch.

Some of our programmers and staff have also taken to occasionally using Facebook Live. This has been especially fruitful during funding drive and when we have had lives studio performances. Overall, video-streaming has been a good addition to our online presence when used, but never top-of-mind as it can be a time-consuming distraction to upkeep. “


 “Recently some shows have made use of Facebook live. Seems to have gone over quite well. We have no policies about video and as it is the people being broadcast who are doing the videoing I don’t think we need any at this point. I suppose if we start videoing as a station then we need to be sensitive to those who might want to opt out.

I like Facebook Live in that it does not lend itself to constant videocasting. As a thing you do for a few minutes to drive traffic to the radio I think it has value. Those who have concerns about personal safety (or don’t think it has value to their show) don’t have to do it.
If we do make a policy about it, it would be that all have to agree to it or it doesn’t happen. Which is pretty much common sense.

Facebook Live Audio

Someone raised Facebook Live Audio as an option. This is currently only released to select partners, you can see more Here
This tool is expected to be rolled out in early 2017

 Lorn Tyndale (CJUM-FM)

“I recommend caution with any web cams in the studios. Back in the day CJAM had a web cam in the studio where
people could watch the DJ’s “live”. We had to remove it due to volunteer security and safety concerns. One of our DJ’s had a listener who made our volunteer programmer extremely uncomfortable. It was creepy enough when this host got phone calls from this listener while on air, but one day this listener turned up outside the building to “greet” our volunteer, even though that volunteer had hung around the station doing stuff for about an extra 30 minutes after the show. It was determined that the listener had figured out when our volunteer was leaving the station by watching the studio web cam. From that point on – while there are security cameras in the station – there has never been another camera live on the web. Just something to think about.

Another question which is worth considering – and I don’t know the answer – does the license paid for with SOCAN fees cover audio that might go out over a web camera stream? Also to consider, would you really want to allow listener to be able to easily know when your station has no one there and is just running with a computer?  That would seem like another security issue to me.”


 Video streaming isn’t covered under tariff 1B. Tariff 1B hasn’t yet been approved. More Info


 “I’ve had one music program using Facebook live. It was okay for awhile but i’m not sure if someone reported them or if someone monitoring Facebook live took it down but they program was blocked from using Facebook live for awhile due to copyright. I’m not exactly sure but they continue to broadcast from Facebook live weekly. I am going to ask them about it tomorrow when they’re in. We don’t have any policies or rules with live-streaming. Although I do expect anyone representing the station while on air to act appropriately (not making rude hand gestures, and keeping within our usual on air policies). They were okay at first but Facebook began flagging them for copyright. Not entirely sure what they did to get around this but it might be something worth looking into. If programmers want to live-stream they have to bring in their own equipment/tripod/phone etc. 

 Radio Regent

 “Radio Regent, in Toronto doesn’t do live streaming but we do video-record selected shows for airing on our community access tv and on youtube to build awareness of the station. You can check it out shows here”