In Case of Strike

What do you do in the case of a STRIKE?


“Wondering if any of your campus stations have ever been affected by other campus-based unions going on strike, and the subsequent solidarity ie: not being able to operate the station with the usual staffing/volunteer structure?  If this has happened to you, or if your station has a protocol in place for this scenario, would you mind sharing it? “

“​This happened at CFUV a number of years ago when the Steel Workers Union went on strike at UVic.

We spoke with the union leader and were given permission for staff and programmers to cross the picket line and continue the broadcast on the condition that we include an announcement in our broadcast acknowledging the strike.

Our staff aren’t a part of the union, nor our volunteers, but it was a difficult and interesting period. We did pre-recorded programming and monitored remotely for a day or two before obtaining permission to return to regular broadcasting. It’s worth noting here as well that station’s are legally obligated to continue their broadcast. As I understand it, that was part of what was discussed with the union that brought us to a mutual agreement.”

   “We actually just went through this in the fall, when profs went on strike at the U of M.  Similarly, we spoke to the leader of the bargaining unit for the professors and gained their blessing to continue broadcasting as normal.  Because many of our student volunteers were not in class, we gave them the option of sending in pre-records, doing their show live or taking a break.  We also gave the same option to our part-time employees – they could choose whether or not to cross the picket line, but that there was no pressure one way or the other.

We invited both sides of the strike to come on a few of our programmers to discuss the ongoing stoppage – the profs certainly took us up on the offer a few times during the 3 week stoppage, the admin did not.  We also sent a reporter down to the picket line to speak with profs a couple of times, again with their blessing. “

“We had a fairly similar situation to Johnnie at UNBSJ in January 2014. We continued to broadcast as normal and confirmed with the union that our programmers and volunteers would not be impeded from entering the campus. The only really impact was the the city buses would not cross the picket line so some of our volunteers had a bit of a further walk. “