Idea Thursday: Office Dating

Hello Members,

We’ve just had a good read of an article by NonProfit Always Fresh about 10 rules for dating in the nonprofit sector.

Despite being a little tongue in cheek, the topic does bring up some good questions. Community stations are often the center of a large number of folks coming together, and working to create great content.

How do you navigate that?

At the NCRA/ANREC office, we strongly suggest looking to your conflict of interest policies to avoid any conflicts, but we would love to hear what you do at your station when romance springs up between volunteers, directors and staff

One thing I’ve wondered about a bit is when students are involved with a station that has a lot of community members. If you’re staff at a campus radio station, not a student yourself, what should the policy/protocol be if there is a romantic interest between yourself and a student?

You’re not faculty, or associated with the university as stations are generally a third party, but there is a bit of a power dynamic there.
This is not currently a situation at CHLY, just something that I’ve thought of in the past.
Keep out!
Most universities should have policies, no?
I’d see the roll of campus radio staff as tantamount to lab techs, university academic support staff, etc, and I’m sure their guidelines are rather defined by the institutions

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