Economic Development Funding and Grants

Has anyone here received economic development funding (federal, provincial, local, whatever)? I want to know more!
We receive funding through Calgary Arts Development. It's a general operating grant. 

I’m wondering if people have played the angle of community radio stations is a space where people can gain job skills — people from marginalized groups, no less — in order to fund training programs and workshops. I feel like there's potential here.
By coincidence, I just met a person who works in economic development for the government, who shared with me this Inventory of Community Economic Development Tools for Rural BC Communities:
There are tons, tons of funding opportunities in here. I'm sending this email to the Pacific list as well in case it's helpful to someone.
I also randomly found this economic development grant last night. There's a stream for Women in Trades & Technology:


Unfortunately, the application period closed last month and it's meant for charities (or partnerships with charities), but all of this is to say that it seems like there's a lot of potential here, and I'm wondering if someone has explored this avenue of funding.

I've looked into this before a bit, Cortez island got some capital and training funding for emergency broadcasting. I always forget the name of the fund program but I'll see if I can find it. 

There was a federal program for Digital Skill Internship where you could hire people for website, database or video work which was an easy application and paid their fulltime wages for 4-6 months but they recently changed it from only non-profits to for-profits being eligible. I suspect that may just be a temporary change so I keep an eye on their website. 
Here is the link for the Digital Skill Internship, it is administered by the YMCA:

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