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I'm not sure if I should have put this out to the main list, but I wondered if you have any best practices about
using etransfers for donations. I have taken a look at station websites and see that you often refer those who
want to donate by etransfer to the station manager etc. I'm assuming it is because you don't want the etransfer
email out there in public because of potential fraud etc. Is that generally how folks are approaching it?

We find that it's still new, as most accounts require two signatures to send, but not to receive funds (and business or non-profit accounts often do not use it because of that double requirement).
We just started accepting them ourselves and have no issue with it being sent. We just set it for auto-deposit so that there is no way the funds could be diverted before they go into the bank.

When we do accept e-Transfers, we usually have it go through to the email that our book keeper uses—which I also have access to for in between the book keeper being at the office.

Our e-transfers only get sent to our main office email – so as we can keep control over the deposits.

We don't get a lot, but initially our e-transfers were set up to come to the office and I took care of them.  We now have them set up to be automatically deposited into our account, which makes me a little more comfortable.  I just receive a notice that we've received one, and make sure the bookkeeper gets the information.

We don’t process a lot of eTransfers, but do accept them (we don’t advertise it as a way to pay as our process is labour intensive).
We have them directed to an email address of a staffer who processes the eTransfer payments.  We accept eTransfers from donors, advertisers and members (membership payments) - we accept them manually so we can track the deposits to specific outstanding advertising invoices, donor pledges, and member payments

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