CD Players

Has anyone come across recently a decent 2U broadcast CD
player - something with contact closures for remote start,
balanced output?

For years we'd run the Denon C635's, but Denon has
discontinued them a number of years ago.  Then we went with
Stanton C.402's, but Stanton has discontinued those.  Trying
to find parts for either is a challenge.

I'm looking for something rack-mountable, 2U, with a loading
tray (not the stupid slot thing that likes to either scratch
CD's or get them stuck in the unit... I want an actual
loading tray!).  Balanced out. Remote start.

I wonder if this is something we should make as a project.
I wonder how difficult it would be to pair up an inexpensive
SATA CD (or DVD these days) player with a Raspberry PI (or
similar), a small custom display that can display track and
time info, buttons for track selection, play, pause, stop,
continuous or single play, etc.  And mount it all in a 2RU
case.  If we made something like that - then at least when
things die they'd be possible to repair.

We've also been interested in upgrading out CD players. We are running on very old CD tray loaders on two decks. We were considering getting also the Denon C635 however its unfortunate to hear they are discontinued for parts. One of the issues we had with a past "new" CD player system is their parts became disconnected as well. So we are open to hearing what other people might suggest or recommend.

We replaced our Denon 635 with Tascam CD-RW901mk2. Way overkill (they are recording decks) but it was the only way I could get the balanced outputs, the tray, and the ability to start from the board. We still have one Denon and we find it much simpler to operate. Once you get used to a couple of quirks the Tascams work well but have quite a few features we will never use.

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