Advertising Vape Shops

Hi all, similar to CFRU's excellent question regarding advertising for local bars, I wonder what people have learned about advertising for Vape Shops?  We understand it to be legal but there are restrictions on presentation as well.  Any insights?

I’d be very interesting to hear more about this.

This is something we've been wondering here as well!

We’ve had some advertising experience with this (we’ve had sponsors and advertisers to a degree dealing with these areas across the board and do a ton of nightlife ads) and our lawyer stated the same links and references that Freya provided – as it relates to restrictions in alcohol marketing and children’s advertising guidelines.

Basically, marketing shop/business awareness is OK as long as we’re not ‘endorsing’ use of any product or ‘sensationalizing’ a lifestyle of excess/use in general. The only caveat would be if the business name is like “” or “” but they have strict guidelines in those industries that should alleviate any issue like that even before they call you.

Again, I think it was mentioned earlier, but… if it “doesn’t feel right”… don’t do it. If they don’t fit your agency/station value set… don’t do it.

Otherwise, MAKE THAT MONEY… radio is expensive! J imo

In addition to Randy's comments...  To the extent that Vape shops are selling tobacco, tobacco advertising it is totally prohibited in Canada.  If they're selling cannabis, I think Luke created a Wiki post you can see on the members-only part of the website about cannabis advertising (essentially you can't advertise cannabis on air either because it can only be advertised in places where children couldn't hear or see it).  If the shop sells something besides tobacco or cannabis, you could run ads promoting their other products, but you could not even refer to tobacco or cannabis or related products, services, or paraphernalia on air. At CJNU, our Pledge Drive is our biggest annual fundraising ‘event’ - we held our fifth back in October, and raised just over $57,000. We run it over a four day period, Thursday thru Sunday, and position it as a four day celebration of everything the station is about, ideally getting every one of our volunteers involved in some capacity during that period. The regular schedule is thrown out the window! We extend invites to community leaders, people from the charitable and not-for-profit sector, those who we have partnered with in the past year... and essentially get them to share a bit of info about what they do, and ask them why the role of a community broadcaster is important, and why people should support us. We don’t set individual targets for hosts, just a collective goal. We strongly feel limiting it to four days limits listener fatigue, and gives everything more of a celebratory/party feel. Like many, we offer prize incentives at different contribution amounts (in our case, $60, $120, $240 and $500).

We also do a number of smaller events through the year such as a ‘pub quiz’ night, dances, dinners, etc. which could bring in anywhere from $200 to $2,000 depending on whether we’re designing the event as a ‘fundraiser’ or a ‘friend raiser’.
Additionally, some of our co-op members choose to make an ‘additional contribution’ when they renew their annual membership.
Happy to answer any specific questions if folks have them; and would love to hear the creative ways others in our sector fundraise!

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