Conference Session

The Future of Fundraising

The Future of Fundraising

NCRA/ANREC Coordinated Session

A panel on what the future of fundraising could look like for campus and community radio stations. The Panellists include;

Luke Smith: NCRA/ANREC Membership Coordinator
Presents on what are the top funding sources for the campus and community sector as far as the NCRA/ANREC are aware. Outlines some innovative ideas presented by other members. 

Melanie Zaitsoff: Station Manager CJSR
Presents on the use of lottery gaming funding from Province of Alberta, as well as tempory youth hire program

Glen Ingram: Station Manager CICK
Glen presents on what his small community has done, such as innovative use of collaborations to access new funding. 

Johnnie Regelado: Station Manager CFUV
Presents on how CFUV-FM has been successful in applying for Arts based funding, and a recent change in approach to fundraising. 

The Presentation:


The Session Video Recording


The Session Audio Recording

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